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Personal Purity Study

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be porn-free in less than thirty days? Imagine being able to regain your sense of righteousness so that you can have confidence in your own prayers again, being able to worship the Lord with abandon, and being free from the fear and condemnation that the enemy heaps upon you. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to view people the way God views them rather than as sexual objects? Wouldn’t it be great to have proven tools that you can use to help others get free? What would happen if we exposed our hearts to the sobering truth of God’s Word for a pre-determined time? What if we used it daily, like taking an antibiotic for thirty days? What if we started this time of study with a three-day fast, using this time of total abstinence from food, fun, friends, and entertainment to strengthen our determination to be free? The goal of this study guide is to help people build biblical truths into their lives to help them keep the waves of porn from sinking their ships. This challenge includes doing daily studies, fasting, and doing assignments that help lead us deeper into repentance. Doing these things takes time. I am not aware of any shortcuts. Sexual sin is a fruit that grows out of a root. We can nip off the fruit as much as we want, but unless we deal with the roots, the fruit will just grow back. It takes time to go deep and find the root, digging it out before we can become free.

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