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Biblical Counseling Course

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BIBLICAL COUNSELING COURSE This course will be made up of live teaching and recordings, along with free notes and books for purchase. GOALS AND GUIDELINES FOR COUNSELING - Leading People to Water - Safe-Guards in Counseling - Speaking the Truth in Love - Mutual Integrity - Flattery and Frankness - An invitation to Judge - Inner Healing - Discerning Ourselves - Wounded Healers TRUE REPENTANCE - The First Step in a Hundred Mile Walk - The Value of Guilt and Sorrow - Forgiveness and Cleansing - Verifiable Repentance THE MINISTRY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT - The Spirit of Reality - The Comforter - Showing Things to Come - The Power of Confirmation THINK ON THESE THINGS - Mental Oppression -Acceptance FORNICATION - Definition - The Law of Exposure - The Enemies Goal For Abuse DIVORCE AND RE-MARRIAGE - A Bound by a Position That Sets People Free UNDERSTANDING HEADSHIP - God’s Order For The Family - The Flow DEPRESSION - Understanding Biblical Depression - The Power of Hope FREEDOM FROM FEAR - Degrees of Fear - Stress and Anxiety - The Spirit of Fear - How Love Casts Out Fear BIBLICAL DELIVERANCE - 60 Questions about Deliverance - Real Spiritual Warfare - The Entire Armor of God HOW TO MOURN - The Biblical Way to Mourn GUIDELINES TO GUIDANCE -Making Good Financial Decisions - Knowing God’s Voice - Discerning the Will of God DEAD END SOLUTIONS - Carnal Corinthians and Other Charismatics - Jezebel Spirit - Generational Curses - The Blindness of Blame ANGER AND PRIDE -Biblical Definitions - Remedies

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