How to Use a Strong's Concordance

This is a helpful thing to know how to use, which will greatly enhance your study of the Word.

The Right Way to Handle Wrong Doctrine

We will all come face to face with wrong doctrine. This study helps us understand a safe way to handle it.

The Shroud of Turin

This is a an example of how to use the word and a concordance to dismantle a false concept which is widely accepted.

Healthy and Unhealthy Doctrine

Paul wrote about sound doctrine, which was a medical term for something that was healthy. He also wrote about teaching that acted like a cancer in the Body.

What is the Difference Between Flakey and False Doctrine?

Some of the teaching we will encounter are not necessarily false, but are flakey.

Five Things That Prevent Us From Receiving New Concepts

We all need to grow which requires that we be exposed to new thinking and a new approach to old concepts. What are the things that prevent us from being able to do this?

Different Ways to Study

There are a number of exciting ways to study God's Word. Here are a few that I use all the time.

The Work of Angels

This study was originally intended for the course I wrote called Honoring Headship, where Paul said the angels were observing our attitude toward God-given authority.

How to Cultivate a Desire to Study

We will all need to stoke our desire to get into the Word. Here are some things that have motivated me.

Good Goads and Bad Goads

Sheep and cattle need to be moved from pasture to pasture. To do this, the farmer often uses a goad. There are some that pastors should not use, such as fear and condemnation.

My Bible Study Tools

Here is a list of Bible Study Tools that I have found to be useful.

The Priority of Small Groups 

Small groups are central to the life of our church and have run for over ten years with a nearly a 90% participation rate.

Praying the Prayers of Paul

Paul wrote out several of his prayers for the young churches he was pastoring. I began praying these and found life in it.

Preparing to Preach

Here are some practical things you can do as you prepare to preach.

The Parable of Cherry Lane

This is something I wrote one time, and preached, that was intended to keep us balanced when we are blessed of the Lord.

Sand in Our Gas Tanks

This is a little study that saved my spiritual life one time. 

Taking Jesus as My Healer

This is a book about healing by A. B. Simpson. It is one of the sweetest books on the subject that I have found.

The Real Faith 

This is a profound study about healing by Charles S. Price, who is one of my hero's in the faith.

God's Medicine Bottle

This is a little booklet on healing by Derek Prince which illustrates how God used His Word to bring healing to Prince when he was a young disciple in the desert.

Spiritual Gifts 

Howard Carter was the first person to really write about the gifts of the Spirit. His revelation is the basis of what most of us teach today.

The Memoirs of Charles G. Finney

These are the chapters that pertain to our tour.


My Book List

The following are a list of books that the Lord used when I was a young disciple that influenced my spiritual growth.

My Catalog

Here is a list of all my books, which are available at our online bookstore at

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The goal is to load many studies that are both fascinating and free