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Welcome to our study course website! The purpose of this site is to provide a concentrated amount of teaching on a particular issue or theme. For example, I have taught a lot about relationships through the years, helping people recover from hurts and conflicts. In this course, I have consolidated all my teaching in one place, where you can read all of my eBooks and short studies, plus watch live teaching listen to podcasts.


These courses are a work in progress. I plan to keep adding to them over time, finding something new to add as we go along.

These courses are a great value. It costs less to take the course than to order all the books individually. For example, the Pastor’s Desk contains over twenty-five eBooks. The Holy Spirit course contains more than a dozen eBooks, plus all my live teaching on this subject.


If you order a course and find that it is not what you were expecting, just let me know and we will give you a refund. Our goal is to exceed your expectations in every way. 

I look forward to teaching you and adding to your spiritual life. With every blessing, Penn

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