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Relevant Revelation

Let's build our lives upon the foundation of God's Word, taking all our measurements from Jesus so we can withstand the storms of life, which happen to all of us.

Let me put together a course for you...

Choose a subject from any of the studies on this page and I will put together a personalized self-study course for you that you can do at your leisure. The course will include a free book or eBook, links to videos, or podcasts you that will help you introduce the material, a phone call or zoom meeting that will help me narrow down the right course for you.

Each course costs $49.99 (US) 


If you are not pleased with it, I will refund the fee. Simple as that.

Begin by taking a moment to write to me by email, sharing what area of study you want to go deep into. I will respond by phone or zoom to see what is the best course of action for you.

Here are some options:


Relationship Recovery - We all have relationships that need work. This series of teachings will give you the incentive to work on it as well as give you some practical tips you can do to begin recovering. 

Fear and Depression - This course will help you learn how to understand both fear and depression from a Biblical perspective and give you practical things you can do to take control of it.

How to Deal With Stress - Jesus not only taught about stress, but had it in His own life. This course could frame it for you in a way that is a game changer.

How to Find God’s will - This course is loaded with insights about how to find God’s purpose and understand how He leads us. 

Child Training - This unique course will set you on a biblical footing to help you train your children to obey and bring peace and order to you home.

Called to the Ministry? - This course will help you discern if God has called you and how to take steps to come into it.

Personal Purity - This 30-day course will help you learn how to take control of a porn problem or anything else that tries to control your life.

Going Through a Dry Time? - This course will help understand the benefits of it, and help you respond the right way so it does not do more damage than God intended.

Leadership - This course includes notes on delegation of authority.

Life in the Spirit - This course will help you learn more about how the Holy Spirit can come into your life and make you more effective in letting Him out.

Degrees of Deliverance - This course will help you learn more about how to deal with demons in a way that is both balanced and biblical. I also have a healing course built around the same unique approach to study.


Feel free to write me to have a course tailor-made to your needs. I have lots of unpublished material on a range of subjects from over almost 40 years of pastoral ministry.

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Feel free to write me to find a study course that is tailor-made to fit your need or whatever you are going through. If you are not pleased with the course I send you, I will refund the initial fee.

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Thanks for connecting!

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